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Colorado Retreat 2022
Colorado Retreat 2022
A retreat for conscious kink and getting good at being bad
25 Apr 2022, 12:00 GMT-6 – 01 May 2022, 12:00 GMT-6
Crestone, Colorado 81143, USA



This event is hosted and presented by a dedicated group of human beings who are enthusiastic about offering this retreat to you.

Imagine plunging into your innately playful nature and ever-extending depth through our week long, off-grid erotic eco retreat, held by the Sangre De Christo Mountain Range, just outside of Crestone, Colorado.  

We gather as an intimate group of explorers who are committed to braving the wilderness of the high desert, to reveal the underbelly of desire, connection, soul artistry + inner alchemy. 

This retreat will give us unique access to the emotional, spiritual, creative, and sensual dimensions of bondage.

We will study the Art of Kinbaku, led by a highly skilled practitioner.  

Our special guest-teacher VÆGABØUND (Sascha), is not only adept with knots, but someone who will tastefully lead you deeper into yourself through tension and sensuality. Other dark erotic modalities will be explored during this retreat, while rope study and time in nature remain our foundation. 

We will serve you through yoga classes, Shibari workshops (covering floor work, sensual ties, partial suspension, full suspension, predicament bondage, and semenawa), meditation, self-inquiry, dance, and discussions on Eros and embodiment.  

You will have a chance to rest, play, journal, tend to your dreams, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Our classes will take place at the Dojo, a solar powered ranch, which was built and used for the spiritual practice of Qi Gong by a master lineage holder.

There have been tales of other dimensional beings sighted on this land, but we cannot confirm or deny this as truth. Come feel the galactic energies for yourself.

The retreat includes options for glamping on-site to share a deeper connection with this land and your kin. There are contemporary Airbnb's nearby for those desiring modern comforts. 
We will all learn the Tao of Poo through our composting system.

There is no Wi-Fi, no city-light pollution, plus the coyotes will sing you to sleep.

Organic, local lunches and dinners by chef Gourmet Shea will be served in our homestyle community kitchen.

This adventure is for those who know they are ripe for an inner metamorphosis surrounded and supported by fresh air, connection, and space to feel who and what you actually are.  

Follow your curious pulls into the wild with us.

In this retreat we will offer


"I am thrilled and touched by your workshop. You and your co-trainer have created a feel-good atmosphere with your open and friendly manner, in which one was introduced to the subject of bondage in a very relaxed, but always respectful and serious manner. You have the background knowledge easy to understand and always able to help you with useful tips. I'm looking forward to the next workshops with you!"

— Ola

There are some people in this scene who manage to convey the philosophy behind their actions in wonderful ways.

This is also the case with VÆGABØUND.

I am very happy that my prejudices and fears have been resolved. Thank you for explaining so wonderfully.

— Lilith Anura

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