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Voices of our participants

If you are wondering what it's like to be in our workshops, courses and mentoring, here are a few impressions of our participants. In their own words. Have fun while reading!


"I am enthusiastic and touched by your workshop. You and your co-trainer have created a feel-good atmosphere with your open and friendly attitude, in which you introduced us to the subject of bondage in a very relaxed, but always respectful and serious manner. You have the background knowledge to make things easily understandable and you were always able to help you with useful tips. I'm looking forward to the next workshops with you! "

Ola, visitor of the workshop "Bondage for Beginners Lvl.1

How do you write in short sentences what happens in such a session? I try it: Professional from the first communication - and still we laughed a lot. Questions that are inconvenient and want to be asked - and have been asked. In advance, create clarity in your head and at the same time follow your gut feeling that exactly what you are ready to open up will happen.

Trust. The situation, what is happening and getting into the situation. Know that there is someone behind you who will catch you if you should give in. Sascha gave me the space to meet myself and trust in me (again?). He has the gift of sensing when you are in the head and when in the body. A gift because he kept addressing and guiding me in a wayt hat I was able to let go again.

Professional, very present, there and at the same time you are the person who works with yourself and finds the way to you. He opens up a space of trust, guides you if you can go a step further to get there. I'm leaving the session: Fulfilled. Calmer. Stronger. And with the feeling of having gained the connection to myself and knowing that I can trust myself and have control, even when I'm motionless on ropes. This is a piece of freedom and strength that I now take with me in many life and professional situations.

Some things have to be learned about the body in order to ultimately understand them and be able to deal with them differently. This is a gift to you when you are ready to open up.

Bettina, client of a 1: 1 mentoring

Lilith Annura.jpg

There are some people in this scene who manage to convey the philosophy behind their actions in wonderful ways.

This is also the case with VÆGABØUND.

I am very happy that my prejudices and fears have been resolved. Thank you for explaining so wonderfully.

Lillith Annura

I could let myself go completely. Really give up control. Allowing trust is not so easy for me, especially with men. The physical effect ... as if someone had kneaded me for an hour. For me this experience was therapeutic.

Johanne, client in 1: 1 mentoring

Frau mit kurzen Haaren

And then there is Sascha, he is your companion who brought you here to all these stimuli that sharpen your senses and at the same time let your contours blur into one another. He is prepared for everything you will discover, for all the parts that will become visible. He knows what you want, what things you want to encounter, he has drawn a very special picture for you from his experiences. All of your fantasies have exactly the right place in it that suits them. And then he creates the safe space for it by allowing all his empathy, sensitivity, mindfulness and determination to flow in the direction you want, bringing it with him, letting these things become themselves. [...]


Sascha gave me the space for all the moments that were, moments when things were different. In which I should deny my nature and should function for others. I lived through the sheer grief of all of them. I felt my vulnerability as well as my gentleness. Sascha let these two wonderful facets excist - just be there. He held me in security and appreciation. [...]


I was gifted a lot of intense, painful and very delightful moments that got under my skin and touched me deeply in my heart. Words couldn't describe how blessed I am, to feel so much more pure - cleansed. All my limits were respected unconditional and mindful at every moment, which is why Sascha was an anchor and rock in the surf during the entire time.

Sonja, client 1: 1 mentoring

The inquiries and the interest from others on how I got there and how such a bondage workshop takes place encouraged me to talk about it now. To state that it is absolutely okay to just try things that interest you so much - no matter what .. of course not to the detriment of yourself or others.


Most of the time it is fear that keeps you away. Fear of the unknown, fear of what others might think, fear of stamping, fear of drawers and clichés, fear of judgment, fear of yourself. Fear of loss and rejection. Shame. For me personally, none of this has anything to do with sex, as one might think from one perspective - I see the aesthetics of the body, the appreciation of the other person, the letting go and falling, devotion, familiarity, access to emotions and feelings that otherwise slumber in the dark, the depth ... if you ask me, I encourage everyone to think outside the box, to stay curious, to try and to rediscover themselves and the world over and over again.


In this sense, thank you Sarah & Sascha for the great workshop, with great participants, for the judgment-free, open, familiar space where you could just feel comfortable. The laughs, the great conversations and the opportunity to get a glimpse of both sides will always be in my heart and in my memory as pleasant thoughts and feelings. Huuuuge appreciation to Sarah and Sascha and thanks for the great photos that have captured the moment for eternity

Kim, participant in the workshop "Bondage for Beginners"

Frau im dunklen Thema

You feel that you are in good hands right from the start and that you are picked up exactly where you have just stopped on the journey to yourself. It's nice to see how Sarah even creates a space free of prejudice over the Internet, where you can feel super comfortable and learn to find your own individual flow. You can already see the enthusiasm for tying the fun-loving lady at the tip of her nose! It must come from the heart what should work on the heart; Sarah filled mine with lots of new ideas and special moments.

Magdalena, online workshop solo bondage with Sarah

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