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Live and online


Private Sessions &

Photo Shoots


Private Sessions & Photo-Shoots

Your safe(er) space to experience body, mind and emotions in the context of shibari, kink, touch, play and ritual. The sessions follow our holistic approach of expanding your Self through conversation, bodywork, systemic coaching and deep, emotional experiences.

This offer is open for individuals as well as couples or poly-relationships. In addition, you have the choice to have your individual journey photographically retold in intimate pictures.


Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching sessions in Kink, Shibari and personal development that allow you to discover yourself or expand your knowledge and skills in Shibari in a safe and professionally held space. Both online and in persona.


Workshops, Retreats & Rope-Jams

Whether it's Shibari, Devotion & Leadership, or Kink and Self Discovery - in our workshops you'll find safer(er) spaces for liberating discoveries, respectful learning, mindful encounter, and joyful growth. Our workshops are interactive and consent-based with a balance of theoretical input, development of practical skills and guided experimentation.


Online shop

Shibari by VÆGABØUND offers bespoke products for to bondage, shibari and kink. My store follows a regional & fair trade approach and offers ecological and safe, high quality products. Experience the sensual and aesthetic side of bondage with hand finished and custom made ropes by VÆGABØUND.

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You want to realize workshops, events or other projects about Shibari, Kink and Intimacy? We will be happy to assist you as a professionally experienced and very diverse competent team. We have several years of experience with numerous cooperation partners and various formats of collaboration and are looking forward to bringing your ideas to life, including consulting, development and co-creation.


Shows & Performances

Shibari shows in which passion, emotions and bondage combine to create a stylish performance.

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