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Live and online


Private sessions, classes & coaching

Yourindividual roomum Body, relationship and emotionsin the context ofShibari, kink, closeness, play and ritual . The offers are Conversation or body work oriented,  with elements from systemic coaching, bodywork and are aimed at bothindividuals, as well as oncouplesorpoly relationships.  


Workshops &

Whether Shibari, devotion & leadership or kink and self-awareness: In our workshops you will find protected spaces of liberating discovery, respectful learning, mindful encounters and joyful growth. The workshops are  interactive and consensus-based with a balanced mix of theoretical input, technical learning and guided trial and error. 


Online shop

Our shop with selected bondage, shibari kink and fashion products that we would like to introduce and share with you.

fair. consistent. unique.


Photography & Playshoots

Art is sensuality is art is sensuality...


My style of photography doesn't just stage - it accompanies, witnesses and tells very personal stories. It's not about what a person looks like, it's about who they really are and what they really feel...


Shows & Performances

Shibari shows in which passion, emotions and bondage combine to create a stylish performance.

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