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Mon, 25 Apr



Colorado Retreat 2022

A retreat for conscious kink and getting good at being bad

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Colorado Retreat 2022
Colorado Retreat 2022

Zeit & Ort

25 Apr 2022, 12:00 GMT-6 – 01 May 2022, 12:00 GMT-6

Crestone, Crestone, Colorado 81143, USA


Über die Veranstaltung

event details

Date & Time: April 25th - May 01st, 2022

Location: Crestone, COLORADO

Format: One week retreat

Language: English

Minimum knowledge level: none

Solo or partnered: your choice

Your Investment: $2700 early bird ticket - $2900 regular ticket



Shibari & Erotic Arts Retreat Intensive.

Presented by : VAEGABOUND, LEELA, & MAUD.

It is with great pleasure that we ask you to join us on a week-long journey in the mountains of Crestone, Colorado for an erotic eco retreat. During this week, you will have the opportunity to work with seasoned souls who will assist you in your exploration of self & other through the art of Shibari.


Join us for a Shibari immersion & a date with the potency of your Desire.


What is this retreat about?

In our eyes, the Erotic Arts & Shibari are impactful modalities for self-exploration and personal development.

Being in touch with eros and life-force energy through the sensual and erotic holds vast power.

The erotic world is a resource within each of us that is rooted in sensation and in the body.

In some Spiritual teachings, there is a focus on meditation and ascension. While we love these practices, our intention is to bring you through the body to awaken the spirit in a fun and sexy way.

We have been taught, in our society, to press down and repress desire and the impulse of the soul. It is our intention to liberate this life-force energy so we can begin to unwind from our conditioned responses to life and start to open into our creativity, and the magic of who we are more clearly.

By awakening into the body we can begin to experience more space for joy, play, and pleasure.

By claiming our erotic innocence we can begin to authentically express ourselves with more power in a world that needs our authenticity.

In this workshop we cover many of the tools of sacred sex and​ conscious kink​​ in a “Safer Space” environment. The goal of​ The Dark Erotic Arts is to create powerful erotic states that exploring hold keys to our becoming.

We use techniques, rituals, and concepts of Shibari, yoga, and Conscious Kink on this guided journey to reclaim those parts of ourselves otherwise lost, hidden or dormant.


We will explore our own inner world which may lead to self-love, deeper connection with others, and greater self-knowledge.

What will be covered in this retreat?

Underneath the chaos and tension of our times, there is an organic current of creativity and life that wants to be freed through the wisdom of your body and the sensuality of the soul.

This week-long retreat offers you a unique access into the spiritual, emotional, creative, and sensual dimensions of Shibari and the Erotic Arts.

This retreat is for those who desire to:

- learn the art of Shibari

- be in full approval of their 'dark' side

- explore intimacy with Eros

- build confidence, release shame, and mental stagnation

- experience kink in a conscious & connected way

- play in nature

You are being invited into a container held and guided by seasoned professionals and international wisdom keepers. This retreat will be accessible and 'safe' for those who are already experienced and for new-comers .

This is not a new age 'love and light' immersion.

Your peace will come from facing and welcoming your full range of expression.

We will be coming into contact with familiar and unfamiliar feelings and learn to accept and befriend our dark and light qualities.


In summary, we will focus on:

· Permission to play

· Consent, Desires & Boundaries

· Core Erotic Themes & Authentic Sensual Embodiment

· Shibari (Japanese Sensuous Bondage)

· Eros / Philosophy / Mytho-Poetry

· taboos and exploring shadows / shame

· Bodywork & Spiritual exercises

· Creating erotic rituals for oneself and others

· Opportunity to embody your myth

· Liberate the Erotic + explore Taboos

· Tools for Aftercare and Selfcare

and more (See website)

Please note: This is an intensive deep dive retreat, aimed to help people to many breakthrough moments on their journey to self-discovery. In this retreat we offer powerful tools for self-exploration, but the movement towards this is at your own pace with all of your personal boundaries honored and nurtured at all times. However some of our practices are 'healing' & 'cathartic' but it is important to note this isn't therapy nor a replacement for therapy.

We expect our participants to have a certain amount of self-advocacy.


Who is this retreat for?

Couples, singles, men, women, non-binary, queer. all races Humans, Aliens, Freaks, Prudes, Moms, Dads. Experienced Erotic Temple Priests and Priestesses, Sadhus, Gurus, Librarians, Occultists, Grandmas. Etc.

People with little to no experience are invited, but we recommend that you have some experience in sex-positive spaces. We are open to all beings, but please check in with yourself to see if this is going to be the right adventure for you.

Ages 25+


About your facilitators / teachers

Sascha is a skilled rope artist, rigger, and kink educator who leads people toward personal growth and self-exploration through shibari. Sasha will be your main guide when it comes to the technical and emotional craft of Kink and Shibari.

Leela is a soulful sexuality mentor and guide.

She will assist your journey through erotic dharma talks on Eros and the energetics of Submission. Helping you tease out and explore taboos, dive into the mytho-poetic stories and archetypal energies that lie dormant in your psyche, and live into your erotic embodiment. She will teach on the importance of self & aftercare, grounding you in understanding and integration.

Maud is a certified yogini, trauma informed somatic-healing facilitator, reiki master & non-dualist. She will help you access deeper embodiment through stillness, yoga, and meditation. Maud will be a guide, mentor, and model in rope bottoming. She will assist in helping you understand how to apply the material explored in this retreat in day to day living.



Our off-grid eco retreat will be held on Coyote Ranch in a beautiful Dojo by the Sangre De Christo Mountain Range, just outside of Crestone, Colorado. Known to some as the Himalayas of Colorado.



This retreat will take place April 25th - May 1st. Join our Q + A on Instagram March 3rd at

Ticket Fee & Accommodation

The fee includes the training; 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day, snacks, tea and coffee and accommodation; and all equipment used during the course.


Regular: $3000 regular ticket

Early Bird: $2700 early bird ticket

How to register and pay?

You apply via signing up on our website:

Once you are accepted you will receive further information for payment.

To confirm your spot, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $700.


You can work out a payment plan with Leela if needed.


Leela will be having brief online/telephone interviews with people hoping to attend to make sure we both feel there is compatibility to work together.


EVENT WEB PAGE (with all info):

If you have any questions from logistics to payment to content about the workshop, email Leela .


We look forward to welcoming you.



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