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Leela DeLieto


Leela DeLieto is an artist, ritual photographer, mystic and soulful sexuality mentor.

She is a Creative Guide, professional silly goose, and pain slut.

She is here to assist others in discovering their untapped power within through the dark erotic arts, benevolent mischief, sacred theater and taboo navigation. She is passionate about leading others toward the expression of their true Self through embodied beingness and play.

It is her belief that bringing play and sensuality into our life through the artistry of the erotic is a way to assist the body in oxygenating and stimulating the release of trapped emotions, mental stagnation and shame. Engaging with dominance and submission has led her into deeper tones of presence and landed her wildly into the body, as well as into the ever-widening arms of sensation and connection.  

During this week, Leela will be a guide and shapeshifter that is in service to you based on the event schedule. She will assist with somatic-sensual meditations, erotic embodiment, discussions on eros and submission, kink education, aftercare, rope bottoming, and creative direction for photoshoots. She will be a way shower and a guide during the week.  

Follow her on Instagram or visit her website to get to know the Essence of Leela. 

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Maud is a lover of life, a world  traveler, and a former fashion model, who is exploring the vast realm of human beings and the realities we create for ourselves + for each other.

She is a reiki master, a certified yogini, + is rooted in the lineage of non-duality/Advaita Vedanta. She is trauma-informed and skilled in assisting others in clear communication.

She is also a birth doula, devoted to serving and accompanying humankind through key moments of life by empowering individuals into more ease, consciousness and personal sovereignty. She will use her wisdom of threshold crossing (birth) to assist you in bringing forth your erotic desires from within.

She is a rope-bottom in the art of Shibari and has found ways to use rope as another modality for contemplation and meditation.

During this retreat Maud will be rope bottoming, facilitating yoga classes, assisting with integration of peak//exalted-experiences, as well as sharing her wisdom about D/S + implementing skillful ways to apply what we explore in the retreat into the day to day.

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Michael + Lydia

mentors & venue hosts

Michael + Lydia are the keepers of the Dojo in Crestone, Co. They have been crafting a revitalization of this cosmic space for just about two years. They aim to steward their serene land with reverence and levity, and to preserve the magical current that the property itself carries. They live at the dojo year round with guardian pets, Daisy + Kitty. Between them, they share 3 quirky kids, who live in the space part time. Their alignment was found through the Plant Medicine path, and continues to guide and shape their journey.


The dojo was built by a rare chi gong lineage holder, who is the last living master of his lineage. The vibe he created by teaching and living in the space for 20 years is something very special. Michael + Lydia have done a lot of work to bring it up to speed, and add to the beauty with their own fun and funky personality. The property is 42 acres that borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and is completely off grid including upgraded solar power, composting systems, and incredible quality well water. The land was originally intended to hold and be enjoyed by many people, and it is in the process of being cultivated for community thriving.


Sharing this space with others, Michael + Lydia hope it will contribute to vitalizing life, being in beauty in community, and positively grow in the current of love that lives here.

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Special Guest Speaker

Sascha has been an educator and rope artist for many years. As Kink-Educator he is currently teaching curious souls about Shibari, self exploration and personal growth by embodying sensous playfulness and ones inner eros.


His approaches are fluid, intuitive and in-depth. Always with a focus on emotions, empathy and the strengthening and development of the individual.

In doing so, he keeps exploring interconnections to dance, expression, body work, yoga, meditation, photography, etc. The combination of these elements provide him with a unique access to the aesthetic, emotional, creative and sensual dimensions of bondage, kink and physicality .


This will be the first time, he will present his multi faceted approach to kink and sensuality in the US.

(+49) 1577 533 8179

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