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Private Shibari Sessions

In my private sessions you will find a safe space to give up control, to let yourself be guided and to feel the facets of yourself that often have to remain hidden.

Here you have the opportunity to experience yourself in a new and different way - in a professional and at the same time personally designed setting, in which you can engage in yourself and your individual experience free from pressure to perform or relationship dynamics.

Professional setting

My sessions are based on over a decade of experience as a rigger (captivating person), adult educator and movement artist. Depending on the agreement, elements of bodywork, systemic coaching, Shibari bondage, kink and working with the flowCore Erotic Themewith a.

Photography & Storytelling

For many of my clients, their session with mit is a very special moment in which they experience themselves, the state of relinquishing control, closeness and being held in a new and intensive way. The photos that are taken during these moments bear witness to this very personal story, telling the inner experience in intimate and touching images. This kind of photographic accompaniment by me is optional and can be booked in addition to the session if desired.

Non-binding preliminary talk

If you are interested in a session with me, please arrange a non-binding preliminary talk by phone or video chat with me. Here we can talk about your wishes, intentions and the setting for the sessions, get a first feeling for each other and decide whether we want to arrange your session together.

Further information

If you want to know more about me and my work before you decide to have a session with me, you can find out more here:

Individual experience

Ahead of the session, we'll discuss together how best to make our meeting feel safe and comfortable for you - so you can have the experience you're looking for. I welcome all people of all ages, genders and body types who are 18+.


The sessions take place in a protected environment where you can engage in your experience without any external distractions. In the run-up to the session, I will inform you about aspects of safety, we will discuss safety words, personal and physical limits and clarify open questions in order to create the safest possible space for your experience.

your investment

One2.5 hour sessioncontains:

- Your arrival, the physical and emotional preparation for the session, the session itself, aftercare and finally relaxing with tea and a chat. On the following day of the session, I will also check in with you again by phone or chat to see how you are doing and give you the space to discuss your experience with me again.

Your investment for this type of professional session and personal support is250 EUR

If you would like to be photographed by me during the session, photography and professional image processing add up100 EURadded

For longer sessions or for recurring appointments with me, we can talk about an individual offer.

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