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SAPIEHA is a rope artist, model, kink-educator and bodyworker based in Brandenburg & Berlin.

Sapieha is available for tuition in the art of shibari/kinbaku, bodywork, kink and polyamory for individuals, couples and groups. For informations on events they are hosting head over to the 'Workshops' section.

She also offers intimate sessions for those wanting to explore and experience shibari and other kinks in a professional, safe and private setting. See ‘Sessions’ for details. 

Depending on the content and other factors, they are also available to hire for photoshoot collaborations and the like. 


For inquiries on privat tuition, sessions, coachings or just to say "Hi!" send her an email or hop over to Instagram to send a DM.



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My interest in kink was birthed trough the desire of exploring my self in a deep way and the reflections and knowledge that come with it. Shibari and other kinks have become a way of tuning into a state of mind, where breath, sensations and movement bring me to a place of mindful presence. This has been a tool which helped me incorporate the things I have learned from kink into the day to day life. Regardless of the play, whether it is shibari or another form of kink, I define myself as a switch. That means you can find me either as top or bottom, as I feel comfortable to explore myself in both areas. My passion for bodywork is tangible in the way I hold space for private sessions, coachings and workshops. Through my line of work there is a natural weaving of elements from Yoga, dance, bodywork and meditation which sets a thoughtful foundation for others to witness themself and their surroundings in a sensual, explorative and meditative way.   


As a queer relationship-geek practicing polyamory, I share insights on relationship dynamics, boundaries and communication principles for people wanting to dive deeper into their own way of relating to each other, wether they have just one partner or more. 


Last but not least, I am an artist who uses their own sensuality to convey my understanding of life, lust, grief, power dynamics and the workings of the world in general. This can happen through shibari, photography, writings, music or everything mixed together in unison. 

If you are curious to meet me and experience my work up close, send me a message!


All the love, 



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Lola Sapieha       


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