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"Take pleasure in your transformation and marvel at every feeling that is within you."

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I - Sascha - stand behind VÆGABØUND as an artist and coach. In my projects, I repeatedly work with various co-moderators, artists and cooperation partners who enrich my work with their own skills and perspectives. On this page I present some of them.

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Coach, Kink-Educator, Rigger

My entry into the art of bondage and bodywork began quite by accident: when I attended a Shibari workshop in Leipzig. The diversity and the potential of tying, as an instrument of intimate communication and as a means of artistic expression immediately captivated me.


Over the years I linked Shibari with other fields of interest in my life: my profession as a trainer for personality development and systemic coach as well as art.


In doing so, I keep exploring interconnections to dance, expression, body work, yoga, meditation, photography, etc. The combination of these elements gives me a unique access to the aesthetic, emotional, creative and sensual dimensions of bondage, kink and physicality .


My approaches are fluid, intuitive and in-depth . Always with a focus on emotions, empathy and the strengthening and development of the individual . I want to facilitate access, inform and empower.

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Kink Educator, Rope Switch

For me, Shibari is the artful connection between the body, the mind and a counterpart. As a switch - i.e. as a person who both ties himself and others and is tied up - it is important to me to pass on the aspects that I have learned in all positions to others: trust in yourself and your partner, which are essential part of my work for the devotion and guidance to face moments of relaxation as well as difficult periods of internal struggle. Equanimity and patience to stop and observe instead of ruling rashly.


As a yoga teacher and practicing body therapist, I want to pass on the sense of body awareness and create a space to explore the mind more deeply without losing sight of one's partner or physical safety. I use different elements from yoga, massage and meditation to convey topics such as communication, mental and physical security, body handling and the exploration of your own erotic core topic in seminars in a playful way together with VÆGABØUND .


Shibari is a stage that is played from two or more sides and in which all participants share their experiences in the moment of acting. It is elaborately knitted communication that wants to be skilfully celebrated and enjoyed. I look forward to supporting and accompanying you on this journey.


"Today I'm talking to kink educators Lola Sapieha and Sascha from VÆGABØUND about shibari, rope play and expanding consciousness through kink.

What states can we experience, how can we learn devotion and leadership and how can life become more exciting and multi-faceted as a result? And what does the Core Erotic Theme have to do with our sex? You'll learn all this and much more in this episode."

Other co-speakers



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Kink educator, rigger, rope model

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(Academy of Holistic Kink)

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Reiki Master, Certified Yogini, Rope Model & Kink Educator

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