Discover the Art of Shibari, Bondage and deep connection.
Learn the Art of emphatic guidance and the Art of deep surrender.
Experience yourself and your counterpart in unimagined ways of closeness, depth and intimacy.
Experience Kink, mindfulness and sensuality in a safe space for self-exploration and growth.

Have you ever asked yourself how lust and intimacy can be discovered anew? How can you discover new traits in yourself through surrender and guidance ? What would it be like to shake off old conditioning and freely explore your own sensual self ? We want to give you - and your partner*s the chance for this.


As experienced facilitators, mindful explorers and creative artists, we offer multifaceted, professional and tailor-made events and experiences for all those who want to explore and free themselves , their own eros, their relationship with another person through the Art of Shibari, Kink and the Art of Touch.


Our events are for all people with and without disabilities, regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and rreligion. We believe that people can mutually enrich and grow in their diversity.