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FKMD safety & rescue knife + practice rope

Handle material: plastic

Blade material: AISI 301 stainless steel

Item weight: 55g.

Made in: EU / ITALY

A rope that is too tight and causes pain for the model, but the darned knot just won't open ... uplines that have got caught in the suspension and endanger a safe lowering of the model ... or any other physical and emotional one Emergency situations that make it impossible to tie up for a long time ... With the Shibari, despite all caution and skill, critical situations can unexpectedly arise. For such moments, responsible riggers always have a safety knife or safety scissors in their safety kit.

We would therefore like to introduce you to exactly the safety knife that has been Sascha's companion and part of his emergency plan for several years. The knife is very light, but still processed stably. Thanks to the practical clip on the protective cover, you can wear it on your belt when you are tied up, so that you can reach it quickly in an emergency and pull it with one hand, while the other hand remains free to support your bondage partner, for example. It is very easy to pull out of the protective cover, so that you * cannot injure yourself because of resistance when pulling. Nevertheless, the knife does not fall out of the case, but remains in place even with dynamic movements.

It is very sharp and also cuts double-laid ropes of 5-8mm diameter quickly and safely. The special protective shape of the knife ensures that you will not accidentally injure yourself or your partner even if you cut the ropes on the body of the person being tied up.

We are very convinced of the knife and always have it with us in our Shibari safety kit.

And so that you can try out the knife in an emergency, we also add a piece of rope for you.


Safety & rescue knife + practice rope

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