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Premium hemp rope "RED RUBY" | 1 rope

Premium hemp rope "RED RUBY" | 1 rope

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Our new, hand-prepared »RED RUBY« - hemp rope in 5mm or 6mm thickness!


The rope is twisted three times and has good stability while being easy to walk on. Sascha dyes the raw rope a rich red, conditions it and treats it with organic jojoba oil*. The rope is thus ready to tie and can be used for tying immediately after unpacking. Due to the production and processing, this rope is also suitable for vegans.


The rope is made of high-quality natural hemp, which is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner in a traditional German rope factory without the addition of chemical substances. The color we use for the ropes is skin-friendly, allergy-friendly, free from harmful substances and vegan.

Thanks to our dyeing technique, the colors penetrate deep into the rope and make the rope look good in every shape and bondage.



* Our hemp ropes are a pure, 100% recyclable natural product made from renewable raw materials. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers. The ropes made from it are dimensionally stable, abrasion-resistant, skin-friendly and very handy. The notorious smell of hemp evaporates almost completely when we process it.


Diameter: 5mm / 6mm

Construction: twisted 3-strand

Breaking load: at least 130daN (kg)


*Strictly speaking, jojoba oil is not an oil at all, but a vegetable wax. However, since its melting point is 7° C and it is the only liquid wax that occurs in nature, the term "oil" has become established. The advantage is that it has a long shelf life and does not go rancid as quickly as other oils. Due to its antioxidant properties, it not only delays the aging of your skin, but also that of your rope. In addition to nurturing properties, jojoba oil is also said to have a healing effect.


The oil consists of up to:

70% from gadoleic acid

15% from erucic acid

10% from oleic acid

2% from nervous acid

1% from palmitic acid


Jojoba oil also contains vitamins B and E, provitamin A, minerals and simmondsin. The jojoba oil we use is cold-pressed and organically produced.

This makes it environmentally friendly AND good for your skin and your ropes.

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  • delivery times

    Our ropes are individually prepared and refined for you by hand. AndCare takes time. That's why our colored ropes can lead to oneDelivery time of up to 5-6 days come. We ask for your patience, it's worth it!