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Maintain your ropes for you and us

organic, vegan, cold-pressed

Quantity: 50ml

In order for your ropes to last longer and to slide smoothly through the hand and restraints, they need a little maintenance every now and then. We prefer to use jojoba oil * for this .

Due to its antioxidant properties, it not only delays the aging of the skin, but also that of your rope. In addition to nourishing properties, jojoba oil is also said to have a healing effect.

The jojoba oil * used by us and offered here is cold-pressed and organically produced in pharmaceutical quality. This makes it environmentally friendly AND good for your skin and your ropes. Jojoba oil has a golden yellow color and gives your jute ropes a beautiful, golden sheen.

Use: Simply spray a little oil on the palm of your hand, rub something on with your fingers and then let the rope slide through the palm of your hand. (Be careful not to apply too much oil so that your ropes do not become "soapy" when the oil is heated by contact with the skin when you are tied up.) Then leave your ropes loosely over your hanging point for a few hours (e.g. overnight) or hang a door frame so that the oil can soak into the soap fibers.

* If you take it exactly, jojoba oil is not an oil at all, but a vegetable wax. However, since its melting point is 7 ° C and it represents the only liquid wax that occurs in nature, the term “oil” has become established. The advantage is that it has a long shelf life and does not go rancid as quickly compared to other oils.

The oil consists of up to:

  • 70% from gadoleic acid
  • 15% from erucic acid
  • 10% from oleic acid
  • 2% from nervous acid
  • 1% from palmitic acid

Jojoba oil also contains vitamins B and E, provitamin A, minerals and simmondsin.

Jojoba care oil for ropes

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