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Sat, 15 Aug



KINK & Playshoot workshop

An introduction to the topic of BDSM & Bodyplay. By and with Carnivore Pictures and Vaegabound

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KINK & Playshoot workshop
KINK & Playshoot workshop

Zeit & Ort

15 Aug 2020, 10:00 – 18:00

Leipzig, Leipzig

Über die Veranstaltung

This workshop offers the participants an introduction to the topic of BDSM & Bodyplay. We will show you methods and techniques for the safe and confident leadership and control of your partner in the context of a game scenario. In addition to theoretical basics, there will be many tips and exercises for practice. Structure workshop This workshop conveys the core topics of BDSM and gives you initial implications and ideas for your own game. The focus is primarily on the management and control of the partner - physically and mentally - in a session. In addition to the basics of setting scenes and negotiating consensus, we will show you how you can control your partner in a targeted manner using body guidance and body manipulation. Building on this, we convey how further elements and impulses such as bondage and spanking or erotic pounding can be integrated with relish into the common game. Special attention is also paid to the body language of your partner - we teach you how you can use non-verbal signals to develop a feeling for your partner's limits. The workshop will help you to find your own, secure sovereignty / dominance in the game and to develop an intuitive flow in which you can discover and feel yourself and your partner anew and with intense sensuality. • Leading consensus / giving - taking • Nonverbal communication / learning to read body language • Body management / body movement • Body manipulation / body control • Creative play / with the rope / bondage • Impact play & spanking • Cool down & aftercare / catching the partner over the workshop leader Swen - Carnivore (photographer, kink educator, martial artist) Swen Brandy has been active in BDSM photography as Carnivore Pictures for over 10 years. His special passion is play shooting, which combines BDSM & fetish with photography / films. His core topics include mind challenges / individual and couple motivation / impact play / spanking / erotic hitting / rough play / body management / body manipulation / as well as the design of creative game scenarios for private or professional use. Sascha - Vaegabound (rigger, kink educator, martial artist, photographer) Sascha Achner aka Vagaebound is a systemic coach, bondage and contact artist and photographer. In his sessions, workshops and work he repeatedly explores interfaces to dance, expression, body work, yoga, meditation, bonding therapy, etc. By combining these fields, he creates a unique access to the aesthetic, emotional, creative and sensual dimensions of bonds, Kink and sexuality. His approaches are fluid, intuitive and in-depth. This with a special focus on emotions, empathy and the strengthening and development of the individual. Workshop short facts 15.08. in Leipzig (location will be communicated after binding registration) Duration: 8 hours including 1 hour break Start: 10:00 a.m. / break 1:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m.) End approx. 6:00 p.m. Participants: up to 10 couples, (Individual participants) Target group: Anyone interested in BDSM, the workshop is suitable both for introducing the topic and for people who want to learn the first practical basics. Prices: € 120.00 / pair € 85.00 / individuals

You don't have a workshop partner? Write to us, we will try to bring people together if you have several inquiries.

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