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Fri, 09 Apr


Online workshop on Zoom

(DE) Dedication and leadership with VÆGABØUND & ShibariSari

Our guide to deeper intimacy and the world of kink

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(DE) Dedication and leadership with VÆGABØUND & ShibariSari
(DE) Dedication and leadership with VÆGABØUND & ShibariSari

Zeit & Ort

09 Apr 2021, 19:30 – 21:30 CEST

Online workshop on Zoom


Über die Veranstaltung

Kink - the sensual-exploratory game about leadership and devotion, about hidden fantasies and intimacy - can give you and your partners moments of deep closeness and overwhelming emotions. Moments that touch you in the deepest corners of your soul, free you, change you, let you grow - and that far beyond the game. We would like to open the door to this world for you, to accompany you on the first steps on the way to a more liberated and a richer sexuality and deeper partnership .

Regardless of whether you are about to discover your kink , whether you are unsure how to share your needs and fantasies with your partner, or whether you are wondering how you can enrich and deepen your game - our workshop should help you to take the next steps on the path of your sexual journey.

Our online workshop is primarily about communication with your: r partner: in, finding out your wishes and limits together. We talk about how an exciting but safe game can be designed and give you first insights into how your mind and body can lead your: he partner: in elegant but determined. We embed all of this in our philosophy of devotion and leadership, of consent and mutual discovery. We have made the experience that our workshops have sustainably enriched the relationships and intimacy of our participants. And we think there is no better way to start the New Year. Convince yourself of it and be part of it, we look forward to seeing you!

The workshop is given by Sascha and Sarah . All workshop contents are conveyed to you from the perspective and experience of both the giving and the receiving person.

Workshop contents:

1. Introduction: What is kink and what can it give you, your sexuality and your relationship?

2. Stay safe, play wild: How do I communicate with my: r partner: in my needs, fantasies and limits? How do we create a secure framework for deep, intense intimacy with one another?

3. Leadership & Dedication: Which concepts have proven themselves for us in the game with control and surrender of control? Which techniques are there for a fluent togetherness?

8. Aftercare: What can good aftercare - physically and emotionally - look like for all playing partners?

9. Hit me baby, one more time: Open questions and solutions, inspirations

Framework conditions:

  1. Duration approx. 3 - 3.5 hours
  2. Investment: € 40 single / € 75 couple
  3. Online, via Zoom-Meeting, for which you will receive the necessary access data when booking the workshop by email


NO partner is required for this event! But you have to create a (free) Zoom account yourself for the participants. You will receive the access data for the workshop from us after your registration by email. Then just be at Zoom at the specified time and log in. We look forward to you!


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