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Our sessions and coaching are consent-based , with elements from systemic coaching, bodywork and other methods from Sascha's many years of practice as a facilitator, systemic coach for personality development and bondage artist. Here we offer you space and opportunity to experience body, relationship and emotions in the context of Shibari, Kink, closeness, play and ritual . Depending on what you want and need, the sessions are oriented towards conversation or bodywork and are aimed at individuals as well as couples or poly-relationships .


Individual coachings or sessions can be booked with us as a team or as single coaches. (Please specify in the contact form)


get to know yourself

Systemic ropes

In the protected space of this private session, you have the opportunity to experience yourself as a holistic being beyond everyday conditioning, to relinquish control, to let yourself be guided and to feel more deeply. Elements of bodywork, systemic coaching, Shibari bondage and working with the core erotic theme are used.

Each session is designed to  to be individual, transformative and touching.  

*This offer is only available as an in-person session.

from €250


Learn sensual bondage

Private lessons Shibari

Whether bondage or the enrichment of the partnership:en with kink and ritual -  these are all intimate, very touching experiences that people don't always want to learn or experience in a group of strangers in a strange place. In doing so, we will learn the art of sensual rope guidance, conscious kink, playing with devotion and leadership  individually tailored to your experiences and wishes.

*This offer is available as an online or in-person session.

from €250


learn devotion

Bottoming Mentoring

Whether on the ropes or playing with leadership and submission is a place of longing that is not always easy to reach at first. Our own heads, old patterns and a lack of experience often stand in our way. In this mentoring you will learn to find access to your own devotion, to reflect on what you need to give up control and to develop a very personal form of bottoming.

*This offer is available as an online or  In person session possible.

from €79


learn to lead

Top mentoring

When playing with the sensual duality of devotion and leadership, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Kink is individual, multi-faceted and flowing. In this mentoring you will learn to discover your own desire to lead, you will learn techniques of impact play, bondage and mind fucks. You will learn to design creative scenarios, lead organic sessions, conduct consent conversations and understand security aspects. And you learn to develop your own individual and authentic form of dominance.

*This offer is available as an online or  In person session possible.

from €79


free preliminary talk 

Sasha or Sarah

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free preliminary talk 



“How do you write in short sentences what happens in such a session? I try it: Professionally since the first communication and still we laughed a lot. Questions that are inconvenient and want to be asked - and have been asked. In advance, create clarity in your head out of ambiguity and at the same time follow your gut feeling that exactly what you are ready to open up will happen.


Trust . The situation, what is happening and getting into the situation. Know that there is someone behind you who will catch you if you should give in. Sascha gave me the space to meet myself and trust in me (back?). He has the gift of feeling when you are in the head and when in the body. A gift because he kept addressing me here and I was able to consciously control myself again.


Professional , very present, attentive - and at the same time you are the person who works with yourself and finds the way to you. He opens up a space of trust and guides you if you can go a step further to get there. I'm leaving the session: full. Calmer . Stronger . And with the feeling of having gained the connection to myself and knowing that I can trust myself and have control in my head, even when I'm motionless on ropes. This is a piece of freedom and strength that I now take with me in many life and professional situations.


Some things have to be learned about the body in order to ultimately understand them and be able to deal with them differently. A gift to you when you are ready to open. "


Bettina, communication expert

Client of a 1: 1 SESSION


Learning together in a fun way

dedication and leadership

The interplay of devotion and leadership, of submission and dominance is a place of longing for us, where we can discover all the facets and fantasies of our lust with someone we confide in. Both as a leading part and as a part that allows oneself to be led. But how do you get into this space together, how do you explore it and jointly explore everything that is possible in this protected space? Our mentoring  helps you as a couple to start a conversation, to confide in each other and to discover a common game with the most diverse possibilities of devotion and guidance.

*This offer is available as an online or  In person session possible.

from €250


free preliminary talk 

Sasha and Sarah


learn fulfillment

Core Erotic Theme Mentoring

The core erotic theme is one of the most important themes of our sensual and sexual experience and longing. By working on it, all the unconscious mechanisms and drives that have an essential influence on our sexuality - and thus also on our perception of the world and our encounter with others - can be brought to light. Therefore, researching your own erotic core topic often has positive effects on life beyond the area of sexuality, leads to more self-determination in your sex life and shows you unconscious motivational patterns in your everyday life. If you want to learn more about your Core Erotic Theme, you've come to the right place.

*This offer is available as an online or  In person session possible.

from €79